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Neo Cities Chronicles System Overview

You and a group of other recently minted magical girls who have the ability to control mecha companions have been tasked with protecting the homeworld from the incoming colonizing creatures known as the Once-From-Before.

"Keys to the Doors" Synopsis*

Players are newly minted Magical Girls that have been tasked by their respective agency in dealing with the Once-From-Before in their area. With the ability to transform these magical girls due to an event known as the Opening of the Door. These transformations gifts them mecha compatriots that they fight alongside to defeat the incoming enemy known as the Once-From-Before. With a contingent of Magical Girls going through the Doors to the homeland of the Once-From-Before the Magical Girls who stayed behind must pick up the slack. Along with balancing a social life and school fighting the Once-From-Before is what's expected of them. As if they know about the incoming forces the Once-From-Before have stepped up their actively all around the Neo Cities.

*Subject to change


Pre-order Now$25.95 USD or more

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